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Shanghai dragon Instrument Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the areas high technology enterprises, research institutes and other institutions and Shanghai jointly develop a series of electrical production of electronic products sold throughout the country. products include: WR series of thermocouple, WZ series Heat resistance, as well as a variety of types of thermocouple anti-corrosion, explosion-proof thermocouple, wear Thermocouples, sheathed thermocouple, Coiler thermocouple, the end thermocouple, RTD integration of the four-thermocouple Fluoride, stick PTFE, PTFE sheet, PTFE tube, PTFE gasket, PTFE and TEFLON. Products always had a fine performance, pleasing to look at, reliability strong, and high market Cost-effectivegood and win the trust of users. Through ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, enterprise-class production lines and testing with the means to monitor the quality of the entire process. Enterprises have a strong lineup of technology development and patent results, to undertake conventional and special products business specifications. Customers can design the installation of a variety of large, medium and small automatic temperature control system. Enterprises always believe in "quality to the market, credibility for users, technology and development" purposes. Welcome new and old customers patrons purchase!
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